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  DC Monument

The monument was conceived by the Society of the First Division to honor the valiant efforts of the soldiers who fought in World War I. Later additions to the monument commemorate the lives of First Division soldiers who fought in subsequent wars. The World War II addition on the west side was dedicated in 1957, the Vietnam War addition on the east side in 1977, and the Desert Storm plaque in 1995.  For more information click here      











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Medal of Honor Recipient Speech

SSG David Bellavia, 1ID Soldier, and recent Medal of Honor recipient, spoke at the Society's recent reunion in Baltimore.  Listen to his moving speech by clicking on this link



SSG Arnold Ray Lambert, 1ID Soldier and WW2 Medic.  He took part in the Allied invasions of North Africa and Sicily and on the sands of Omaha Beach.  He spoke at the 2019 Society Reunion in Baltimore.  Watch his video speech by clicking on these links.

Ray Lambert's Speech:  Part 1 Part 2 Part3 Part 4 

Click Ray's picture to listen to his speech: 


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 **Society Member Authors**

 Edmond Cubbage (B/1-2 IN - VN)

 Book:“Just a Kid from Swampoodle to Vietnam”



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