Membership Benefits

The Society of the First Infantry Division is about:

  • Continuing the Big Red One tradition of excellence.
  • Honoring our dead.
  • Living the First Division legacy
  • Taking care of our own

In support of these objectives we offer:

Bridgehead Sentinel Magazine *please note, beginning this year "2020", the magazine will be emailed to members. *Please keep the Society updated with any changes to your email.*

The official publication of the Society is published on a regular basis each year (currently three times).  The magazine is emailed to all members and you will find a copy of it on our homepage:   The magazine contains news of present and former members, articles about Society activities and stories of the Division’s exploits.

Annual Reunion
One of the Society’s most important functions is to create an environment that facilitates the reuniting of Big Red One veterans within the context of their former units. Members and their families gather every year in a different city to renew old acquaintances and make new friends based on their common service and pride in the Big Red One. A Memorial Service honoring our battlefield dead is one of the highlights of these reunions. Units maintain their identity and unit pride at the reunions through their command posts (CPs) (hospitality rooms) and by seating as a unit at our banquets.

Members can display their Big Red One identity by purchasing a variety of high-quality Division insignia and other merchandise items from the “Quartermaster Store.” Credit Card purchases are accepted.

The Society is a reliable source of information, referral and assistance on matters dealing with the 1st Infantry Division. The Society web site is used for real time dissemination of news.

Scholarship programs are available. See the Foundation section.

Big Red One Support Fund
The BRO Support Fund is the means whereby the Society can financially assist active duty soldiers, family members and units in situations that are not covered by any other funds.  The Society’s newly established CENTURY CLUB also helps fund these activities.

Web Site
The Society’s great web site at is a comprehensive source of all information about the Society and the 1st Infantry Division Foundation.